Heli Skiing Is The Ultimate Ski Experience

Heli skiing Canada, also referred to as helicopter skiing, can essentially be considered downhill skiing on mountains. Unlike conventional skiing where a ski lift is used to get to your highest elevation before descent, heli skiers use a helicopter. Heli skiing is not for the faint hearted or amateur to the sport. Heli skiing is for those who find regular skiing too tame and are seeking the thrill that no conventional ski resort can match. Heli skiing has its origins in the Bugaboo Mountains in Canada, where ski legend Hans Gsomer first tried this novel idea in the early 1960’s experimenting in the Rockies Mountains. Since then the popularity of heli skiing has grown in leaps and bounds and has recently been well document by Warren Miller and his infamous video series.

Heli skiing offers skiers an experience that is quite different from that offered by the terrain of ski resorts. Only in the untouched mountains does skiing or snowboarding involve powder snow, longer descents, steep slopes, natural terrain and smooth corn snow. Heli skiing in Canada is popular because of its long and harsh winters that offer skiers the full rush of winter and optimal snow conditions. Heliskiers thrive on the prospect of charting new path that no one has used, harnessing nothing more than the force of gravity to carve through deep powder without distraction. Few places on Earth can offer better heli skiing opportunities than the rugged and sloping terrain of western Canada, home to the birthplace of heli skiing.

Heli skiing requires proper preparation as this extreme sport is carried out in a very hostile environment. As a skier you need to equip yourself with specialized gear that is meant to safeguard in a variety of systems. Among your collect of devices is the avalanche transceiver, one of the most important devices any heliskier should have. Skiing in pairs is also a reliable safety method, also called a buddy system, this approach is used for communication in case you fall victim to an avalanche. This device sends signals that can be used to locate you in case of an accident. Always ensure that you have this device with you at all times. It should be checked to ensure that it is in good working condition well in advance. Avalanches are very common in the Canadian mountains as the skiing surface can be unpredictable, and is not as rigid as that of resort skiing.

Skiers who are also looking for an extraordinary sight seeing opportunity get to experience the breath taking terrain of the inaccessible parts of the Canadian mountains. For those who enjoy hiking and the outdoors, helicopter skiing can be quite an adventurous and enjoyable experience. If you do not mind the thrill of danger then heli skiing offers a unique and relaxing atmosphere to get away from your hectic life. Since it is carried out in inhabited and inaccessible sections of the mountains, you can relax and enjoy the ride uninterrupted. Descending down mountains is a good form of exercising, as it involves maneuvering rugged terrains and is quite demanding physically as there are no rest spots or ski patrol.

While this sport can offer breath taking views and once in a life time opportunities, it is important to realize that heli skiing can be dangerous. It is therefore recommended that you are accompanied by a person who is familiar with the local terrain and has the requisite skiing skills. Helicopter skiing should only be attempted by those who are above average in their skiing skills and in physical shape to be able to accomplish the journey safely. With the right preparation and skills you need not worry too much as heli skiing is an exhilarating and enjoyable activity. Not every run has to involve twenty foot tall vertical drops, and the mountain has something to offer for everyone.