Kitchen Design Tips – Planning For The Future

Unless you plan to spend the rest of your life in your current home if you are planning a kitchen makeover then best advice is not only to think about the design that may be appealing to you, but also to consider what would be appealing to the next owner too. Come and visit our company showroom where we show off some of the best designer kitchens Sydney.

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that one of the most important rooms in any house is the kitchen. In fact there are so many people who look to the kitchen first when they’re buying a home that failing to ensure that is up together and functional could put a real dampener on a successful sale if your property is on the market.

Whilst all homeowners will have a good idea about what may be right for them there are certain traditional aspects to kitchen design that if followed will help to increase your property value, or at the very least make it more attractive to potential buyers.

It’s Got To Be Functional And Warm

One of the first ideas that people need to grow accustomed to is the fact that the kitchen needs to be both functional and warm. You’ll often find that professional designers suggest the use a lot of materials that evoke warm feelings such as wood, stone and laminate in both your choice of flooring and kitchen worktops.

Whilst stone and solid wood can prove expensive good quality laminate flooring can achieve the desired effect and is both practicable and affordable too, and given the diverse range of styles you’ll not be limited for choice.

One of the other places that you want to look for style and elegance are the kitchen worktops. Although many people suggest that stone is best, granite worktops are often out of reach budget wise to many home owners but fortunately there are other synthetics that can mimic this such as composite stone for example.

Another popular choice here is laminate worktops as they are available in an awe inspiring range of colours these days, so you will be hard pressed not to find one that will fail to compliment even the most bizarre of colour schemes.

When it comes down to the cabinetry, the experts suggest that hand painted and natural finishes add a great touch and homely feeling to your kitchen, but more modern designs of both kitchen units and kitchen doors can be a bit garish so it is best to choose wisely if you only plan to be in your current home for just a few years.

That said, there are generally some styles that people have warmed to and can be good neutral designs particularly if you a planning on selling in the near future.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Many people are familiar with a contemporary kitchen design even though they might not know the proper name for it. It is generally characterized by high style and things like stainless steel appliances and granite marble countertops or outstanding laminates.

This modern kitchen style is often criticized as being cold and not as warm as some of the older more traditional kitchen designs but these are by far the most functional.

The French Kitchen Design

Another one of the more popular layouts is called the French kitchen design. This kind is where you’ll find available workspace is at a premium because French kitchens as well as many other types are designed to allow several people to work in a confined space at the same time.

People involved with modern kitchen design stress the fact that any modern kitchen you choose to work on should have at least one wall-mounted kitchen worktop and an island to satisfy the requirements of these kinds of workspaces.

One of the elements of the French kitchen design that has is a unique characteristic are the storage capabilities. Here’s where you’ll find a variety of different storage ideas from shelving to pot racks. This is the blueprint that incorporates the methods of decorative elements and practical storage all in one.

Of course one of the most important elements of any kitchen design is the kind of work tops that you choose. More and more people are choosing laminate worktops because they look great and stands up to the rigors of daily use. By all accounts this material is best for a glossy effect that works well in many different kitchen designs, but do be aware that a gloss finish is best for a low use kitchen if it is to maintain its glossiness over time.

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