Some of To-do-List for Wedding After Engagement

The night before your wedding is a good schedule for your hens venues Melbourne. After Engagement there are many key tasks which have to be completed as soon as possible. Here are some of the task or to do list which you should complete as soon as possible after engagement.

Make Key Decisions: As soon as your wedding date is fixed you have to take some key decisions e.g. type of ceremony, theme, colour scheme.

Wedding Budget: After taken these key decisions you have to decide your wedding budget and you have to go according to that only.

Dedicated Bank Account: It’s a great idea to set up dedicated bank account for all wedding costs. You can go throught all cost details easily after wedding if you have one specific account.

Investigate Venues: Investigation of venue is very important task and make a decision you both agree on and support.You should check out venues according to our budget.

Wedding Insurance: As soon as venues is finalized you should have a wedding insurance.

Book A Church: Booking a church or any other venue for ceremony is next task after insurance. You should approve a venue for ceremony.

Fix Date And Time With Registrar: Book ceremony time and date with Registrar as it would be hard to fix time on wedding date.

Reception venue: Book venue to handle reception on wedding date.Check out those places for reception and ceremony which are very near to each other as guest dont want to move here and there, they want comfort.Venues provide this facility according to your budget.

Wedding scrapbook: Start a scrapbook – with notes, ideas and pictures, This will help you get a clear idea on what you really want, and you wont be swayed by impulse purchases that might do against the feel!

Guest List: Wedding depends on guests too,as you should decide or prepare list of guests who are going to attend.

Wedding Dress: Start looking for your wedding dress – try on lots of different styles, make sure you keep an open mind as something you may have never considered might just be perfect once you have it on!

Bridesmaids: Choose bridemaids as to make bride look more beautiful.

Best Man for Groom: Get your groom to choose a Best Man- This will be important as he may need a helping hand when going about his groom duties

Suppliers: Start looking for wedding suppliers. Look at some of the web directories online to get a good feel of who’s who and what they do!

Accommodation for guests: Check out accommodation nearby for guests.Guests will start to getter before two three days so you need to make proper arrangements for them.